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We hope you find our site to be informative, educational, and an indispensable link to your financial independence. We have a lot of great information on these pages for both our clients and prospective clients. For example, be sure to check out the "Research" section further down the Directory Bar on the left. You will find a number of tools we think you will find helpful. And you can finally check quotes and news without being bombarded with moving bulletin boards. Also make sure to visit the "Portfolio" section. Here you will be able to access information on your portfolio through us as well as account log in links, market news, and other useful tools.

Client Centered

We view financial planning as a relationship, not a transaction. The creation of a financial plan is a dynamic process that is enhanced by the development of a long-term professional relationship, rather than the one-time creation of a mere document. It is vital that we gain an intimate understanding of the lives of our clients, both factually and attitudinally, particularly where your attitude toward risk is concerned. Only then can we design an investment strategy for you that you like, that you understand, and that you feel will help you strive toward building the future you deserve.


About Us

We develop financial plans and investment portfolios for our clients that are based on their unique needs and preferences. We do not stick your funds into a "cookie cutter" plan or portfolio, we are able to customize your plan and investments to fit you. Our consultants are associated with LPL Financial, an independent broker/dealer. Thus, we have the freedom and flexibility to work with many types of investments with only your best interests in mind. Each of our clients is different and they each deserve to be treated special. That`s what we do. We listen; we gather appropriate information; we develop a specific financial plan and asset allocation for you; we implement your plan; we review your plan.

We seek to build wealth.