Behind The Scenes

Client Investment Database

Internet Downloads

Provides detailed activity of all accounts whether held at LPL Financial or fund company level. Includes dividend payments, purchases, reinvestments, distributions, transfers, etc.

Database Management

Monitoring investments by category and family for style drift, peer rankings, rate of return, etc.


Calculation of Internal Rate of Return and Time Weighted Rate of Return for individual investments and portfolio level summaries Basis tracking for year-end tax management and your tax preparation needs.


Consolidated reporting internally and externally of all accounts Summary of account activities (see Internet Downloads above) Allocation by customer and by account per customer.

Investment Monitoring

Meeting with investment representatives for the latest information on managers, the economy, etc.

Peer group analysis in conjunction with statistical risk and performance measures such as beta, alpha and standard deviation

On-site meetings with some investment companies for exposure to company management, philosophies, and continuing education opportunities

Performance and style tracking of investments to manage asset allocation

Dollar cost averaging trades on monthly and quarterly basis per account needs

Insurance Management

Competitive analysis

Facilitation of underwriting and cash value transfers

Internal asset allocation and DCA transactions

Monitoring of MEC status and policy values


Sub-account monitoring (see Investment Monitoring)

Tracking industry and legislative updates and changes

Planning Services

Software upgrades and changes

Ancillary software maintenance

Support programs such as asset allocation, word processing, spreadsheet, etc.

Procedural changes (i.e. data input, report structure, etc.)

Continuing Education

Mandatory 15 hours per year for CFP® designation and state insurance licenses

FINRA required testing and courses

Attendance at U of M alumni events related to business

Attendance at relevant MNCPA events and luncheons

Website Management

Updating web content

Answering questions raised by web visitors

Client portfolio reporting